What Is Reactive Maintenance?

What Is Reactive Maintenance?

What is reactive maintenance? Often, despite the best plans the unexpected happens. It is then you need a fast solution to a problem from a reliable construction company. Reactive maintenance can cover something that is relatively minor relating to a home or commercial premises. It can refer to anything from a broken window to having a drain unblocked.  

However, it can also relate to bigger problems such as weather damage caused by storms and other unpredictable meteorological events, or cases of vandalism and graffiti.  It doesn’t matter whether your project is minoror major. JST Construction have the facilities to find a solution and treat any concern as a matter of urgency.  

We have proven our expertise for over a decade and are an ideal maintenance partner for businesses throughout the North West and North Wales.  

What is Reactive Maintenance and Why do it?  

Reactive maintenance is a process of reacting to damaged or failed equipment or structures. It is a process which focusses on restoring a property and any faulty equipment to its normal condition. Or if this can’t be done, replacing the equipment completely.  

There are many advantages to this method of maintenance but also some important points of planning and knowhow to highlight so that you can make sure it is the right option for you, and your home or business.  

What are the advantages of reactive maintenance?  

  • Initially low start-up costs  

Reactive maintenance offers an initially low cost option of repairing. At its most basic level, all you’re doing is waiting until something is broken or damaged before repairing or replacing it. This can help reduce the cost of regular upkeep and maintenance and mean you only pay for something when it needs to be fixed.  

  • Fewer Staff 

Reactive maintenance can be outsourced to companies like JST Construction, which means we could handle all aspects of a repair, restructure or rebuild. This means you need less man power in your own business premises. There are also savings to be made on your payroll as you won’t need to employ as many workers to carry out other duties.  

  • Reduced need for other types of maintenance  

If you operate a reactive maintenance process, it means there is a reduced need for planned maintenance. You can choose whether or not to have regular service checks on a building, or on equipment. This means you only spend when it is really necessary. 

Planning Ahead for Reactive Maintenance 

Whilst there are distinct advantages to reactive maintenance, to make it work for you, it’s important to think in some way about potential issues that might arise. Here are a few points to consider, to really make reactive maintenance worthwhile.  

  • Be budget aware 

If you’re planning a budget for a business or home, it can be difficult to know exactly how much you should set aside for any potential issues that may arise. There may be some months when you need nothing at all in terms of reactive maintenance, whilst other months you may need a few call outs to handle issues as soon as possible.  

It can help to think a little ahead and put some money aside for these emergencies then you are not caught completely unawares with no wherewithal to cover an immediate payment. This would be dependent on your own individual company accounts, and what can be spared from a monthly budget.  

  • Carry out some basic maintenance 

Even if you do not want to carry out regular planned maintenance, there is always the chance that because your equipment or building is being used and working day to day, it really does only get fixed when it is desperately needed. In some cases, this can cause small fixes to be overlooked which can ultimately reduce the lifespan of your structure, or your equipment.  

Make sure, at the very least the basics for building and equipment are kept in check, such as cleaning and keeping structures used by workers, as tidy and clutter free as possible.  

  • Be aware of time constraints and plan for these 

If some part of your building has a fault, or equipment breaks down it can often put a halt to the continuation of regular day to day activities until it is fixed. It can often help to have contingency plan in place, such as back up or spare equipment in order to help out and minimise any potential down time. This might not always be possible but is worth considering as a possibility.  

In certain cases such as a leaking roof, it may mean that premises must be closed for the health and safety of your staff, whilst you wait for the leaks to be fixed. One of the main benefits of hiring a company such as JST Construction is that we’re professionals, highly experienced in reactive maintenance and can repair as quickly as possible, causing as little disruption as possible.  

For Reactive Maintenance Solutions Contact JST Construction 

You must always factor in reactive maintenance costs for last minute emergencies on situations that you have no control over.  

JST Construction can provide you with a comprehensive reactive maintenance service. We only work with professional skilled operatives and contractors. We have a complete and comprehensive system of reactive maintenance services which includes: 

  • Technical support and assistance 
  • Account management 
  • Real time reporting 
  • Supplier management and procurement 
  • 24/7 telephone and web based contact centre 

If you are interested in learning more about the types of reactive maintenance services we supply, or simply want more information on any of the many other construction services we offer, why not give us a call on 0151 355 9232


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