What does a construction company do?

What does a construction company do?

What does a construction company do? 

On the face of it this is a very simple question with a very obvious answer. The clue is the name, construction companies build commercial or domestic properties or refurbish and repair them when needed. However, the true answer is a little more complex. Thorough, professional commercial construction companies offer a wide range of services that ensure a commercial property functions at peak efficiency and is maintained properly at all times, reducing the need for repairs or remedial construction. Once a suitable company has been found, it can be the start of a mutually beneficial relationship as the construction company will become more and more familiar with the particular property and the needs of the individual company. 

Before committing to a company, it is worth doing your homework. Check the accreditation of the company itself and customer testimonials for previous contracts. Any company worth using will proudly display these and will be happy to provide a consultation to address the needs of your business and property and discuss the range of construction services they can provide. If you are considering using a construction company in the North West, JST Construction are the ideal choice. We are a family run local business with a proven track record as trusted construction partners with a range of businesses including local authorities, commercial properties and industrial companies. Here is the range of services we provide for our commercial clients: 

Commercial Construction Services 

  • Reactive maintenance – Sometimes, despite all your planning, the worst can happen. If your premises or equipment are damaged or unusable you need to react quickly to avoid lost man hours and revenue. We will move quickly and efficiently to remedy the issue, however minor, to return your company to peak efficiency. We can also offer technical support and assistance and advice on account management to ensure that your business budget is prepared to cope with unexpected repairs should they arise. We can liaise with suppliers and complete any repairs so you are free to concentrate on running your business with the minimum disruption. 
  • Planned maintenance – Many businesses, especially those in older premises will have inefficient or potentially hazardous fittings or working practices in place. It can be almost impossible for managers or business owners to stay aware of all details of the day to day running of their business and expert help can be invaluable. Our qualified business surveyors can assess any potential risks to your property and staff and implement a full schedule of planned maintenance that will minimise the risk of minor problems in the present leading to major ones in the future. Property maintenance need not be costly if hazards are identified and eliminated through planned maintenance.  
  • Facilities management – A facility manager deals with all aspects of the daily running of a business, whether this involves organising cleaning and basic maintenance, making sure plant machinery is operating efficiently or checking that safety protocols are being observed and obeyed. They will deal with any emergencies in the workplace and highlight any improvements that could be implemented to improve efficiency and productivity in the future. Many companies choose to outsource this role and this is where we come in. We can provide fully qualified and experienced facilities managers who will liaise closely with the client on all aspects of the running of their business. Obviously, this is a specialised role that requires a highly diligent and organised individual, one that we are happy to provide. 
  • Office refurbishment – Many offices can appear too small for the workforce or poorly suited to purpose, especially after a period of expansion. Perhaps the office décor is dated or does not represent the brand effectively. The first instinct of many owners will be to relocate, but this can be extremely costly and inconvenient and result in downtime that could cost the business dearly. Often, the easiest solution is office refurbishment as the layout of the office is the only limiting factor. JST Construction have expert staff that can assist in all stages of office refurbishment. They will meet with the client to discuss why the fit out is necessary and how it will help the business to move forward and assist in the actual interior design. Budget will be assessed and suggestions made to gain the maximum improvement for cost. The refurbishment will then be organised to cause the minimum disruption to business leading to a more efficient and happier workplace.  
  • Commercial roofing – Damage to roofing materials from extreme weather or just everyday wear and tear can lead to a multitude of problems for a business. In Britain we are not blessed with the cheeriest climate, so any damage to roofing must be dealt with as soon as possible. Water leaking through roofs or ceilings can damage equipment, especially delicate electronics in an office environment and cause water damage to fixtures and fittings. Left unchecked, damp can cause unpleasant smells or growth of mould that can release spores that can damage the health of workers. It can also cause rotting of timbers or erosion of plaster or masonry, weakening the structure in dangerous ways. Our roofing contractors are experts in all aspects of roof fitting and repair on flat or pitched roofs in a variety of materials, from slate and tile to felt and fibreglass roofing. We use HD camera equipped drones to carry out roof inspections and offer a full gutter and fascia cleaning and maintenance service. 
  • Fire compartmentation – This is a system of dividing a building into separate cells to limit the spread of fire. Properly rated and installed fire doors are the first line of defence during a fire, but the surrounding structure should also be fire rated. This is often overlooked but is vital to maximise worker safety. The other main consideration in the event of fire is adequate fire escapes. Any stairs or corridors leading to fire escapes should be enclosed by fire walls to protect escaping workers and the means of escape itself, especially in open plan offices where there is little chance of limiting the spread of fire. We can assess the fire safety of your premises and recommend any changes that should be undertaken and carry them out. Safety of staff should be paramount to all responsible employers and failing to observe correct fire safety practices can result in severe fines. 

At JST Construction we pride ourselves on complete professionalism with a personal touch for maximum customer satisfaction. If you are a business in the North west and interested in the construction services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and assist in all stages from planning to execution.

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