What Are Construction Services?

What Are Construction Services?

What are construction services? It doesn’t matter how carefully you plan your day to day operations, or how diligently you maintain your buildings, sometimes the unexpected happens.  

In these times it can help to be aware of the wealth of options there are in the construction services field, especially when you require fast and effective solutions from a reliable repair company.  

JST Construction have proven their expertise for over a decade and are the ideal maintenance partner for businesses throughout the North West and North Wales. In this guide, we’ll take you through the services we offer and how they can help you.  

Reactive Maintenance Services 

Reactive maintenance is work that is usually relatively minor in nature and it can relate to something as simple as repairing a broken window, to unblocking a drain or fixing guttering.  

There are larger scale repair jobs that can be under the same umbrella too, such as damage to property from extreme weather conditions, or removing graffiti or fixing issues that have arisen from vandalism.  

We can provide a complete reactive maintenance service using our skilled operatives and contractors. Our reactive maintenance service includes: 

  • Technical support, including twenty four hours a day, seven days a week telephone and web support 
  • Management of accounts 
  • Real time reporting 
  • Supplier management and procurement 

Planned Maintenance 

Whilst reactive maintenance can be considered for many small jobs, a planned maintenance service can be an ideal boost to your portfolio of construction services.  

This type of maintenance is a vital cog in the wheel, to prevent breakdowns and damage before they become a serious matter. Planned maintenance can make a business or building run smoothly and more efficiently with less need for closures, downtime or loss of income.  

Planned maintenance works include: 

  • Heating system renewals 
  • Electrical rewires 
  • Full refurbishments or refits 

We also offer strategic maintenance and repair solutions so that commercial buildings can maximise their efficiency and operate to their full potential.  

JST Construction employ fully qualified building surveyors who can: 

  • Schedule 
  • Prioritise 
  • Implement 

Programmes of maintenance that will cause least disruption for maximum results. We are skilled in identifying minor incidents and dealing with them before they cause major problems. 

By implementing a programme of planned maintenance, you can remove one worry from the day to day running of your business.  

Facilities Management  

We can provide a huge array of facilities management services for all of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a basic task, like cleaning or a more complex service like energy management, or the day to day management and running of an office or building we can cover it all.  

JST Construction have worked with local authorities across the North West and North Wales, and growing businesses across the same region. We pride ourselves on taking a multidisciplinary approach to facilities management and can meet many different needs and requirements across a broad array of industries.   

Commercial Roofing 

Our knowledge and expertise in managing hundreds of roofs for our customers across the North West and North Wales means we can deliver a high quality service that can be trusted. We’re a leading roof specialist. If you are experiencing problems such as:  

  • Leaks into your building 
  • Damage to masonry 
  • Danger to your staff or the public from falling building fabrics 

Then we are the go-to choice to help repair and fix the issues. We’re also experts at fitting and repairing all types of roofs including:

  • EPDM Rubber 
  • Felt Roofing 
  • Fibre Glass Roofing 
  • Slate or Tile Roofing 

Office Refurbishment 

A tired and dated office premises can give a bad first impression of a business, no matter how well it is run. JST Construction are experienced in office refurbishment and this service can help you’re your place of work from somewhere dull and uninspiring, to a pleasure to be in daily.  

This type of work can really improve the operational efficiency of your business. It can give a much more professional feel to your working environment.  

Often, such a refurbishment is a perfect solution to gain more space and make your environment a cleaner, more attractive place to spend your working days. It can often be much more cost effective that moving premises, too. We’ll always keep disruption to a minimum.  

Fire Compartmentation 

Fire Compartmentation is something that is used in the vast majority of buildings, apart from basic low rise developments. It is often referred to in many different ways 

  • Fire walls (and floors) 
  • Fire separation 
  • Protected corridors/stairs etc 

In it’s most simplest terms it is the division of a building into separate cells, using construction materials, to prevent the passage of any fire from one cell to another.  

The most common fire compartmentation method is a fire door, and most commercial and public buildings have these. The majority of building users, and their owners and managers sometimes forget that the surrounding construction must also be fire rated and inspected.  

Fire Compartmentation also means that the method of escape from the building must also be protected and safe too. In many buildings, particularly older ones, there is often little or no other fire separation other than the means of escape, so for instance a single office building that has one set of stairs.  

As buildings become larger and more complex, the objectives and reliance on fire compartmentation becomes greater. So for instance, if a floor area is open plan, and has no partitions, the stair will be enclosed by fire walls (and fire doors). This will guarantee a fire within any part of the accommodation cannot pass into the stair and that people in the building can escape safely in the event of such a disaster.  

For All Your Construction Service Needs – Choose JST Construction 

Whatever your construction needs are, or whatever construction services you require, JST Construction can help you. We’re experts in our field and have a wealth of knowledge and highly skilled workers who can provide you with the services you need, quickly, efficiently and reliably. 

If you’d like to talk to us about the types of construction services we can offer you, or want to know more about the work we carry outcall us today on 0151 355 9232


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