Planned Maintenance vs Reactive Maintenance

Planned Maintenance vs Reactive Maintenance

Advantages of using someone local.

All business’ need maintenance, whether it is for tools and equipment, machinery or the building itself. When it comes to your company, would a reactive maintenance plan be the best approach or is it worth considering having a planned maintenance service?  

In this article we will look at the benefits associated with these two very different approaches to maintenance. 

What is Reactive Maintenance? 

In reactive maintenance, assets are deliberately allowed to operate until they breakdown, at which point maintenance is performed. Unexpected downtime can result in, impacted revenue and inconvenience to your staff, customers and/or the general public. The unpredictable nature of reactive maintenance means that operatives and contractors, specialist equipment may not be readily available. This may result in unplanned expenses. Your business may lose productivity and may have to pay higher expenses such as urgent shipping costs for ordering parts. 

Benefits include: 

  • Lower initial cost  
  • Saving on labour 
  • Reduced maintenance planning 

The downside of a reactive maintenance plan could be higher maintenance and inventory costs. When equipment is not properly maintained, it uses more energy. Doing simple things like greasing moving parts or changing filters reduces energy consumption. Emergency repairs are usually prioritised at the expense of planned work, which may be pushed or cancelled completely, causing a backlog, a preventative measure reduces the likelihood of you having to react to breakdowns.  

If you do have an emergency repair, it is often better to use a local firm. As well as being geographically closer to your premises, a local contractor is going to be far more concerned about their company’s reputation than a large national firm. A local firm will want to maintain a positive image to encourage repeat business. Review sites will provide information as to the performance of maintenance companies in your area. Many company websites will contain information about recent projects and case studies which may be relevant to your company which you may already be familiar with if you know the local area. Other benefits include being aware of where the company is based and how long it would take for the company to send the necessary team to your premises. 

What is Planned Maintenance? 

By having a planned maintenance service for your business, you can schedule in maintenance jobs to keep your business running smoothly before an asset fails.  

Qualified building surveyors, technicians and/or contractors will schedule, prioritise and implement programmes that are guaranteed to minimise disruption to suit your businesses. This preventative option allows time to efficiently allocate the necessary resources for the project at hand, including scheduling skilled personnel, ordering the specific parts and tools needed in advance and working to an appropriate timescale that suits your company.  

Having a planned maintenance schedule could lead to lower overhead costs, production delays and accidents. Although you may be investing more time and resources in the planning stage, the risk of conducting too much or too little maintenance may limit efficiency across your operation. Planned maintenance makes any repair quicker, more efficient and prevents time wastage.  

Benefits include: 

  • Planned downtime 
  • Higher production rates 
  • Improved insight into the performance and potential issues of assets 

From a health and safety point of view, when maintenance is planned, it gives operatives and contractors opportunity to shut down the equipment safely and ensure the correct equipment is available and on-site before starting work at a time suitable to your business needs. As everything is planned, maintenance technicians will have everything they need on-hand, making the repair much quicker and more efficient.  

When setting up a planned maintenance schedule with a maintenance contractor it is also often better to choose a local company.  You will be able to visit their sites if necessary where any questions or concerns can be easily answered. Smaller local firms are often keener for new business than large more established companies, which often means they will price new contracts more competitively. A local company may be more flexible as each individual customer is more important to them 

By using a company that is close to your business will also have the benefit of lower transport cost. You may well know other similar businesses that have used the same firm previously and benefit from their experiences. 

Why choose JST Construction? 

Does your business need a reliable maintenance service? JST Construction provide a professional building maintenance and repair service across North West, North Wales and The Wirral. With clients ranging from building contractors to commercial construction companies, we offer a range of construction services and customer satisfaction is key to our business.  

Advances in computer software allows maintenance companies to track job progress in real time, monitor the location of all vehicles and create the optimal maintenance plan for your business to ensure ultimate reliability and customer service. 

With offices based in Chester and Ellesmere Port our reactive maintenance service can be dispatched to reach your business as a matter of urgency for emergency repairs. We have the expertise to identify minor incidents and put a stop to them before they become a major issue. As well as being specialist repair contactors for breakdown maintenance, JST Construction have over a decade of proven expertise providing a comprehensive planned maintenance service.   

Our maintenance service includes: 

  • Skilled operatives and contractors 
  • Technical support and assistance 
  • Real time reporting 
  • Supplier management and procurement 
  • 24/7 telephone and web-based contact centre 

Based in Cheshire we have successfully built up long-term relationships and repeat business with firms ranging from Wirral builders to large construction companies in North Wales. JST Construction is a family run business with many years’ experience and an extensive portfolio of case studies including a host of leading organisations across the commercial, industrial, local authorities throughout the North West & North Wales. 

Originally founded in 1995, but in its current guise dating back to 2007, JST Construction Ltd is a ‘hands-on’ business that has grown considerably to cement itself as one of the most respected professional building maintenance and repair contractors for customers in the North West & North Wales. Our accreditations include The Federation of Master Builders, Trust Mark and CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme). a host of leading organisations across the commercial, industrial, local authorities throughout the North West & North Wales. 

JST Construction are among the top repair contractors in the Wirral, you can rest assured that thorough reactive maintenance of your property, carried out by our qualified and experienced staff, you are in safe hands 24/7. Whether your repair is minor or major we have the facilities to find a solution. We specialise in offering strategic maintenance and repair solutions to ensure commercial buildings across The Wirral, North Wales and the North West, maximise efficiency and operate to their full potential.  

To find out more about the benefits of Planned Maintenance Vs Reactive Maintenance call us on 0151 355 9232. Our friendly contact centre team are available Monday – Friday | 8:30am – 5pm. Contact for a free quotation.