Outsourcing Facilities Management Pros and Cons

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Outsourcing Facilities Management Pros and Cons

What are the outsourcing facilities management pros and cons? If you’re in business, and considering outsourcing all, or some aspects of your facilities management then you’re becoming part of what business insiders are terming an “outsourcing evolution”.  

It is true that for many businesses, this practice can save money and add value to existing operations. However, it takes time to find the right company to manage your needs and understand your specific business requirements.  

It’s important for anyone running a business, whatever it’s size, to know and recognise why more outsourcing is happening, as well as understanding the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing facilities management. JST Construction are experienced in providing a range of facilities management services in the north west.  

Why Outsource your Facilities Management? 

There are cost factors to be considered, and outsourcing facilities management can save money in the short and long term. However, one of the biggest bonuses of this practice is that in-house business teams have their time freed up to focus on improving business strategy and initiatives rather than becoming tied up with the minutiae of day to day running of operations.  

These days, there is an increasing need for flexibility in working environments. More employees may work from home, or job share, or work from different places at different times during the day/working week. There may be more co-working spaces in a place of work, and this can create issues with the utilisation of space.  

A facility manager must be able to adapt to meet real-time demands. This is where outsourcing can help. Here are a few pros and cons to outsourcing facilities management, to help you decide if it’s right for you, and your team.  

Pros to Outsourcing Facilities Management  

1. Delivering Services Becomes Easier 

The best kind of facilities management outsourcing simply blends in and acts as an extension of a current team.  

They’ll have the requisite knowledge and specialised training to meet your needs in the right way, and often more quickly that existing staff who often have a million and one other jobs to focus on.  

If you have a facilities team in place, but they are already maxed out, or your company is expanding and moving into new business areas then it might make more economical sense to invest in outsourcing your facilities management to a specialist team who can bring a new, fresh approach to the day to day running of a business.  

2. Increased Flexibility 

The 21st century workplace is vastly different to the offices and work spaces of fifty years ago. It’s no longer ‘simply’ about providing clean loos, kitchen areas and replacing blown lightbulbs! Workplace amenities are now much more varied than ever, featuring fixtures like standing desks, outdoor spaces for relaxation and chill out time, and even more varied on-site dining options and canteen facilities to cater for different dietary needs.  

Whilst these facilities can enhance the employee day to day working experience, they also increase the workload of a team. 

Outsourcing some of these services to a professional facilities management company allows your in-house team to focus solely on their daily tasks.

3. Saves Money 

Saving money isn’t always the sole priority when outsourcing facilities management, but it can end up as one of the most attractive benefits.  

Experienced facilities management companies like JST Construction often have a wealth of experience in specific business areas and know all about the best practices for compliance and safety. Long term, this can really keep your day to day costs down.  

4. Improved Quality of Service 

When trusting an outside company with outsourced work, specific measurable goals can be laid out. These goals are set and processes put in place to make sure they’re always achieved.  

This means that there can often be a noticeable improvement in the quality of service a business can offer, all round, from the perspective of employees right through to any clients who use your company.  

Cons of Outsourcing Facilities Management 

One major factor businesses worry about is that outsourcing gives perception of reducing the internal job pool, which could be a source of consternation amongst other employees. Making sure you choose a professional company to outsource your facilities management is key to making sure that the entire project is a success.  

You want to work with a team that understand and know your business as well as you do and will continue to learn and evolve and who will work and communicate with existing employees to provide a great service that gives them reassurance.  

Contact JST Construction to Outsource your Facilities Management Professionally 

As companies take on new ways of working, outsourcing some aspects of facilities management can improve workplace performance and reduce costs.  

Before taking the plunge and committing it’s worth considering all your options and understanding the benefits that outsourcing facilities management can bring to you. It’s important to ask the right questions and research all viable options before making the decision. Whether you decide to outsource some, or all of your services you need to have an accurate picture of your facilities management needs to maximize ROI.  

JST Construction are a professional facilities management service that have been working with a variety of customers in this field for many years.  

Our qualified staff are able to provide integrated facilities management, offering a full range of services to a wide range of businesses in the construction industry.  

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a basic task like cleaning, to a specialist service like energy management, JST Construction are able to cover it all. If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer, including our wide range of construction services, contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements:

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